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The Louisiana Catholic College Students

Archdiocese of New Orleans

This page is a new concept I thought would be a good idea to promote LCCS. We just had our State Conference at USL/Best Western, Lafayette and had a great time... many thanx again to all who were a part of it!

I have created a list of sites that should be of interest to the everyday Catholic Student. A few of us are quite active on the Internet and we must make it our goal to spread the Good News using every 'connection' we have.

A few of you might wonder why I chose such a name for the server... think about it... don't we put our lives in the hands of the Triune Godhead just as a camera is most stable on a tripod? Hence the name...

The Voice of the Catholic Student..

The first stop on this ride would have to be to the center of the Catholic Church, The Vatican. The Pope lives there, ya know....!

A very good source of information on the Catholic Faith, a must own for every practising Catholic who accepts others not for what religion they follow but to look deeper, the Facets of ReligionPage.

A cool site with interesting facts, Christus Rex at Redemptor Mundi.

Since we are an organization similar to other Newman Centers, I thought I'd show you what they are up to. (By the way, I am proud to announce that our site (LA-TECH Catholic Student Center) is now listed at this link).

The Catholic Youth Ministry Home Page... be there!

Campus Catholic Ministry.... need I say more??

Catholic News Sources...

is a pretty good place to start...

For news that would make The Herald lame, The Western Catholic Reporter hits the spot.

My main model for this concept of having a home page for our center was actually the home page for The Catholic Diocese of Raleigh, NC. They use everything from brainwashing HTML to wide usage of . If you don't got it...get it!

A valuable treasure trove of resources, The Catholic Goldmine.

The premier page of the everlasting crusade,

You've got questions..they've got answers.... The Catholic Information Network.

Another long-running page,A Catholic Network.

It keeps going and going...... with Catholic Internet.

The Catholic Charities Home Page is always a good spot to spend some time...

What? You haven't had enough?? Well, how 'bout a train ride on another set of links.

I am devoting a section of this page to vocation directors because I think they do a great job and they need all the help they can get from us, so here are a few sites to consider looking into if you're in two minds:

This gives info from one of the Jesuit quarterly publications and gives some more Jesuit info.

A good deal more can be found in what I call The C-Files

For the Fransiscan in all of us.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please mail to Dwain D'souza

Why not take a trip to my page too...all you have to do is click on my pic!!

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